Care Ministries International
Gospel into Chinese World, Gospel out of Chinese World

Care Ministries International (CMI) was founded in the United States and Taiwan concurrently in 2002 as a Chinese-Christian-initiated, inter-denominational and Chinese-language mission agency engaging in cross-cultural ministry.

Mission Vision
Gospel into Chinese World, Gospel out of Chinese World

Core Values
Care conveys the love of Jesus shown to us and also our love for China. CARE represents the mandates of CMI. In short, they are


We care about
1.The Whole Gospel
2.The Whole Church
3.The Whole World

As Chinese Christians, in order to bring “Gospel into Chinese World and Gospel out of Chinese World”, we hope to mobilize the whole Church and bring the whole Gospel to the whole world.

Mission Strategy
CMI assigns long-term missionaries as well as specialized, on-the-job, short-term or project missionaries to charity, medical mission, education, evangelization, training, church planting and other ministries, depending on the need of the mission field. CMI witnesses and spreads the Gospel to build up a group of Disciples in Jesus Christ

Mission Field
Since the foundation of CMI, missionaries from Taiwan, the United States and a creative access nation have engaged in cross-cultural ministry in such mission fields as Thailand and Cambodia. Several associate missionaries are also serving in creative access nations.

Sending Base
The United States, Taiwan, and a creative access nation have established a CMI office. Canada and New Zealand will follow suit in 2011 and 2012, respectively.

Main Tasks
1.Mission mobilization: Mobilization, equipment and recruitment of disciples across nations, calling on disciples to rise to the Great Commission.
2.Mission prayer: “Pray as you preach” and “preach as you pray” while at mission. Remember that “prayer is the root of mission, and mission is the fruit of prayer”. Organize monthly prayer fellowship with mission prayer partners. Run mission prayer conferences in United States’ West and Southeast and Taiwan.
3.Mission care: Assemble member care fellowship. Implement lifelong (from recruitment to retirement) care concept and practices.
4.Mission education: Six-to-eight-week summer course on cross-culture and mission field training (MFT) through partnership with seminaries, focusing on mission field cross-cultural internship and training. So far, CMI has worked with the United States’ Logos Evangelical Seminary, Taiwan’s China Evangelical Seminary, China Lutheran Seminary, Christ’s Disciples Training Seminary, Central Taiwan Theological Seminary, Holy Light Theological Seminary, Logos Theological Seminary, Taiwan Alliance Theological College, Taiwan Baptist Theological Seminary and a seminary in a creative access nation. So far, 70 people have completed MFT, and the numbers of participants are rising. Among those who have completed the course, five have begun service in mission fields. Two will return home from a two-year short-term mission.
5.Medical outreach: Reach out to Cambodia via specialized medical personnel, ministering to both physical and spiritual healing.

Mission Funding
CMI is a mission agency of faith. Funding comes entirely from His grace and provision through His followers’ support and offering.

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