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Allen Cheng

With a grateful heart that I share the feelings with you on our last day of medical mission. Thank all of you for supporting the team and working with us through prayers.

Morning, we had a choir presentation with the songs “What a friend we have in Jesus” & “I know who holds tomorrow” in the service. Thanks to our dearest friend, Jesus, who always encourages us , who is completely trustworthy and dependable, and no matter what happen, He is still in control. Also, thanks God for working in our team member, Manon, that he had a very powerful and memorable sermon. He preached “Jesus is our redeemer” and many villagers accepted the Jesus Christ as their savior.

We started out the service at 9:00 and closed it out at 11:00. Lots of villagers were already waiting for clinic. Despite this is our last day,  we still try our best to carry on with God’s love to the end. I heard that some of villagers watched us with reservation, not knowing what we were here for. Now, they got to know us and felt that we really concern about them. Thanks God, the seeds has been planted. More importantly, let us pray the Lord of the harvest, send out more workers into his harvest field.”

Today we served 244 villagers  (Dental 45, Internal Med 70, Acupuncture 47, Pediatric 22, Hair Cut 10) We gave away 50 pairs of eye-glasses. Total we served in Vihead Thom & Baray is 3453 villagers. Praised Lord, Glory to God. Again, deepest appreciation to all team members for your hard work and effort.

On the way back to Phnom Penh, we stopped by the rest area where there are many booths selling “local delicacies” like fried crickets, fried black spiders, and fried scorpions. One of our team members (聰聰), she is small, but very bold and adventurous. She ate one spider with great gusto. “Crispy”& “Crunchy”.

Thanks God, we safely came back to Phnom Penh and had a last gathering dinner, then back to each ones place. At dinner, we expressed our appreciation to those Khmer who helped and involved on this mission. Not only that, we also had a birthday celebration for brother Hanc and brother Grandy. Specially, we thank God for brother Hanc Sing. He joined medical mission from 2007 on till now and help coordinate the operation since then. He is the one who taking up the most responsibility of leading the whole team. We all are very pleased and honored to have him as our medical team leader.

Lastly, we  already had a short discussion and planed the date for upcoming medical mission and next year’s mission. The upcoming medical mission will be possibly starting on second week in June. And next year’s medical mission will be 1/5/17-1/16/17. Many express their desire to join again on next year. Please pray for more willing to come and help with God’s love. And pray for each members having a safe return home, and to spread a passion for God’s glory and the needs in Khmer.







Allen Cheng


Thank many of you sending your words of encouragements. Without your constant prayers and support, we wouldn’t have made it this far.

I want to thank God specially for the teams beautiful interation and chemistry together. We have one more day to stay in Baray; then will be heading back to Phnom Penh. It seems we just got to know each other and we will be parting soon. We thank God and each team member for giving their time and effort to serve God and the people of Cambodia. It’s all because of God’s love and his glory.

We start the service at 7:30. People are already waiting for the clinic. By noon, we had already served 300 villagers. Here we had twice the work flow than other places that we had served in the past. Not only are we here to provide medical service to the village, we also wish to empower the local churches. Our ultimate goal is to bring them to Christ. So we collaborate with the church’s pastor, and he is very eager with initiative and preach the Gospel to patients while they are waiting for registration.

One of our Khmer team members told me: She heard the villagers said that they felt our sincerity with God’s love through the medical service.

Today we served 701 villagers  (Dental 124, Internal Med 299, Acupuncture 126, Pediatric 67, Hair Cut 20) We gave away 65 pairs of eye-glasses. Glory to the highest. It’s amazing and unbelievable. We had broken the record. I would like to thank every team member for their hard work and effort.

Tomorrow, our team will have choir presentation and Mannon ( CMI Khmer Coworker) will be preaching the sermon. Due to the fact that we were all exhausted and ran out of medication, we will have 2 hours medical service from 9:30-11:30. Please pray for us that we’ll have a loving heart and be caring to the end and bear much fruit for God.

Lastly, pray for more doctors, nurses, and others willing to come and join in the next medical mission.






Allen Cheng


20160116002Thanks God for hearing your prayers. The ones who fell sick are recovering very well. Early in morning, we gathered together watching the sunrise and praising God with the songs “雲上太陽” , ” How Great Art Thou”  and many songs….Then, brother Arthur Chiang led us read the famous “A song of Ascents ” from Psalms 120 through 134. We felt like happy pilgrims singing them as we journeyed up 20160116001together to Jerusalem and the temple. Praise Lord, what a beautiful and pleasant day.







Today we started out the service at 7:30. The church pastor told us that he invited 40 villages in this neighborhood for clinic, also he arranged trucks to pick up those villagers. When trucks arrived, I saw almost a hundred people coming down from the truck. Suddenly, my heart was moved with tears flowing down likes river stream. I prayed to God that we know what we have done is limited, but Lord use us to be your voice, so that more people may hear and willing to help.

Also, the Khmer district  officer brought his family and assistant for acupuncture today. Thanks God, they seemed to be “addicted ” to it and were full of praise for our skillful acupuncturists.


Today we served 579 villagers (Dental 107, Internal Med 254, Acupuncture 90, Pediatric 61, Hair Cut 7) We gave away 60 pairs of eye-glasses. Thanks for all members effort and team sprint, to have such outstanding outcome.   We felt exhausted but with gratefulness and joy . Please pray for team members be strong in His mighty power.


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