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A Brief Report on the 11th Mission Prayer Conference (2014)


The Mission Prayer Conference of 2014 successfully completed on March 14 and March 15. Thank God for the 15 churches and mission organizations of Southern California working together, sparing no efforts in participating this meaningful conference. Even though people were busy with their own lives, they took part in many sessions of the meeting, witnessing the work of Holy Spirit, we are deeply touched.

The theme of the conference is “What shall I do, Lord?” We invited Rev. Thomas Wang to deliver three sessions of messages. Though Rev. Wang is 89 years old, his vibrating deep voice still sounded like morning bells and evening drums. He encouraged us to learn and follow the steps of Paul, Abraham, Joshua and Jonah as role models, to set aside the pragmatic routines of our lives and devote ourselves into the Great Commission. We are to care for the conversions of Muslins and Jews… even today’s America.

Beside the main theme, the conference also provided 4 special mission topics: New Media Mission, Kairos Mission Course, Business as Mission and UUPG (encourage every church commit to reach one Unreached and Unengaged People Group). Every lecture supplied fresh and abundant information. The participants harvested not only the fun experience of learning, also the earnest prayers and the fasting prayer at noon.

The day before the conference, in a special meeting held for the pastors of the Los Angeles area, Rev. Wang shared the vision of the Roma People (Gypsies). We hope this new vision can challenge our hearts and expand our mission field, so that we make it a real task for us Chinese Christians to participate in.

Rapha Christian Institute Update



Lamentations 3:37   Who can speak and have it happen if The Lord has not decreed it?


Abraham Liu



Since God gave us the vision of establishing the Rapha Christian Institute in Cambodia, with everybody’s caring concern, prayer and donation,  the preparation work has been moving forward slowly through all kinds of uncertainties.


At present, our office in Phnom Penh has been renovated and transformed into the Rapha Christian Language Institute. This is the prep-work while CARE Ministry International applies to the Cambodia government and registers it as an INGO. Up till now, this process is still in the document pushing stage. Only after the Institute has become an INGO, our large sums of funding from different countries can be allowed to be transferred into Cambodia legally, and the in-kind material or equipment donations can be imported without duty.


The private company which is established for Rapha Christian Institute has finished the registration. But the application for establishing the school needs to be approved by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and the Prime Minister Han Sheng.


During the Medical Short Mission in January 2014, our president Rev. Morley Lee, vice president Rev. Jonathan Chiu, the project director elder Daniel Huang, the future dean of the Institute Professor Hsuehwen Chang, and the future dean of the Applied Mandarin department Professor Arthur Chiang gathered in Phnom Penh to look for the possible building and land for the Institute. They were disappointed as Rev. Lee described in one would be after a cooked duck flew away. In the morning of the day when Rev. Lee was going to leave Phnom Penh, a missionary parted reluctantly with his treasured projected piece of land, allowing us to make a deal with the land owner. We bought this 1920㎡ (about 600 ping) land with US$119,000 in the suburb about 20 minute drive from Phnom Penh airport.


Please continue to pray:


(1)  For Dr. Tan, a brother in the Lord and a Cambodia citizen, who had helped us send the INGO application documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Please pray that all documents will be approved.


(2)  For the local agency, who will work honestly representing us; and for the land acquisition that it will go through smoothly.


(3)  For the provision of funding of the land improvements and the following building construction expenses, as well as the hiring of teaching faculties.


(4)  For Missionary Marian Li and the local assistant Chen Shuna to have their safety, strength, intelligence; and to be patient in prayers so they will have peace under the circumstances of constant exhaustion when they face unwilling co-operation and procrastination of the bureaucrats.


(5)  For Professor Hsuehwen Chang and Professor Arthur Chiang so that they may go to Phnom Penh in the middle of the year. Pray for their relocation to be smooth.


(6)  For God to touch the hearts of the involved government officials, from the Prime Minister Han Sheng to the low-level staffs, so they succumb to the mighty power of God.

The 8th Medical Short Term Mission Report





Medical Short Mission, just as its name implies, is evangelical through delivering medical care. This year, our Medical Short Mission included fellow volunteers from the U.S., Canada, China, Taiwan, New Zealand and Australia with various working backgrounds in dentistry, internal medicine, massage and acupuncture, pharmacy, nursing as well as pastors and teachers. Our team of 28 people was going to bring nothing but God’s love to Cambodia.


We started each day with God’s Word. Every day, our co-workers gathered together and shared messages that brought us to be touched by our Father before serving. We shared our different life stories each day and this became my favorite part of the journey. Invariably, all the sharing landed on one theme, which is love.


The reason for participating in the Medical Short Mission is because we have been touched, saved and motivated by God’s love, which lead us to have the yearning to share His love. Through our medical services, we let people feel the love from us as well as the love from God. We treat people’s physical illness. But more importantly, we desire to let God touch their souls, drive away the void and fatigue in their hearts. I like a sister’s sharing exceptionally. She said, “Cambodia is experiencing an economic boom. If Cambodians know our true God, they will achieve the inner peace and be content without being interfered by the materialistic changes.”


We offered medical services in 3 locations (Kandal Village, Plywood Factory and Viheathom Methodist Church). We set medical equipment and medicines in an open space and it became our clinic. Compare to the hospitals in Taiwan, it’s extremely shabby. But in a country severely lacks medical care like Cambodia, it is pretty luxurious. Everybody was in position when the clinic opened. We had a registration desk, a station for blood pressure tests and glucose tests, a diagnostic and treatment room for the doctors and a pharmacy. By following the flow in order (first registering, then blood pressure and/or glucose testing, diagnose, treatment and finally giving medication), we treated more than 1,700 patients in 7 days including ones needed prescription glasses. God put the professionals and non-professionals in one team that worked together efficiently and harmoniously. Each accepted the assigned tasks and served God Himself.


While the Medical Short Mission was in progress, the Rapha Christian Institute project was being worked on vigorously. The office in Phnom Penh was renovated and became a career development center including faculty offices and classrooms. Rev. Lee, Rev. Chiu, Elder Huang, Professor Chiang, Professor Chang, Marian and Shuna were travelling all over the places looking for the suitable location for the Institute. May God bless the grunt work they’ve done and open doors by offering what they need abundantly. What God has done in Cambodia is a novelty and it’s been a great honor for us to witness His handiwork!