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Lord has mercy on a missionary organization – Rev. Morley & Sophia Lee

God has indeed shown great mercy to Care Ministry International (CMI) over the past twelve years. As we look back, the ministry continues to expand under the guidance of God Himself. Gratefully, I am going to review our work as follow: Passing on the Mission Vision (MM: Mission Mobilization) the fire of missionary work ignited by the Holy Spirit was observed ubiquitously; Mission Prayer Fellowships (MPF) have been established in a lot of places; Missionary Prayer Convention (MPC) is currently being held annually throughout the United States and in Taipei; The Cambodian medical mission trip led by Rev. Jonathan Qiu since 2007 has been running continuously for eight years and we are planning to add another session; the seminary student cross-cultural missionary field internship and training courses (MFT) led by Rev. Chih-Chin Liu had completed its 11th year. Recently, Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Huang have completed two Kairos courses. They are planning to add a supplemental course “From Dedication to Mission Field” as well as a “Weekend Missionary Training Course” designed with churches in mind. Of course, CMI’s most important mission is the recruitment and equipping of missionaries, sending and caring for them. Every event requires manpower and financial support. Our Missionary Prayer Partner Team (MPPT) has been the driving force behind the scene through supplicating and fasting. Moreover, new CMI branches have been established in other countries, voluntarily passing the mission vision and pushing for actions… we are being touched and encouraged!

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While we were in Japan in August, we stood in front of a golden rice field, because we saw and heard the “Call from Macedonia”. Please pray for more workers to do the harvesting in Japan.

God has added an even bigger and harder challenge on us three years ago. On one hand, we are working on the establishment of Rapha Institute in Cambodia to equip nursing professionals and training missionary nurses so that eventually the gospel does not just enter Cambodia, but also come out from Cambodia to other countries, making Cambodia a missionary country.  On the other hand, as co-workers look forward, contemplate and discuss together, we realize that we cannot ignore the needs of the hard to reach areas of the world – the Muslim and Japan. If God allows and open the door for CMI, we are willing to submit.

We were being sent as missionaries by CMI to Hong Kong in the year 2006 and served at the Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelism for five years.  We continue to serve at CMI upon return to Los Angeles in 2011, and willingly accepted the assignment from the Board of Directors as President of the organization.  Three years passed by quickly.  By God’s mercy, many tasks which we are not capable of doing have been accomplished.  His mercy was on us again by lifting the by-pass surgery in June.  However severe acid reflux has led to stomach ulcer.   Fatigue, in addition to aging make us realize that it is time to pass the baton.  We pray that God will raise up the successor who will work with one heart and in partnership with the co-workers to spread the gospel to the ends of the world till the Lord comes.

Your supplication is what we need.

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Highlights of the Kaohsiung Pastoral Ministers Prayer Meeting


After two years of networking upon their return to Kaohsiung, Pastor and Mrs. Chih-Chin Liu initiated a pastoral minister coworker prayer meeting at Kaohsiung Baptist Church on Sept 9.  Eight missionary organizations participated in the exhibition to introduce their ministries to the churches.  Our goal is to create a platform for more communications on missionary work amongst Kaohsiung’s missionary organizations and churches.  Sixty-five pastors, ministers and co-workers attended the meeting.

You can view Chinese version here

Rapha Institute Planning Report  - by Rev. Chih-Chin Liu

“Day after day men came to help David, until he had a great army, like the army of God.” (1Chron 12:22)

Jehovah calls people from all corners of the world to become a great army in the building of Rapha Institute in order to accomplish great things for Himself.

Professor Arthur Chiang of Language Center Director, has arrived at Phnom Penh from the United States at the end of August; Bro. Hanchor Sing who has participated in the medical mission trip consecutively for 8 years retired from his Canadian government job to assist in supervising the building project; Bro. Teik-Kwan Lee from the New Zealand office will spend 3 months there to do administrative support; plus Professor Hsueh-Wen Chang (Dean elected of Rapha Institute) and his wife have rapidly expanded the original 2-ladies’ work team (missionary Marian Li and indigenous co-worker Shu-na Chen) at Phnom Penh.  We are thankful for their team work and pray for their adjustment to local culture, weather, diet, hygiene, and so on.

The Planning Committee has confirmed to proceed with Stage 1 of the building project on the piece of land which we have already purchased. The architect has already finished initial surveying and drafting, and will proceed with soil testing and surveying.  At the same time, negotiation with the realtor of the adjacent piece of land is also under way.  If the landlord approves our proposed deposit of US$20,000 and we are able to perform the soil survey in October, then we may need US$240,000 to purchase that piece of land.

A Dedication Ceremony will be held on November 17 at Grace Church of Phnom Penh to commemorate the establishment of Rapha Language Center.  Indigenous Cambodians, Chinese churches and missionary organizations will be invited to give thanks to the Lord together.  Rev. Morley Lee and other CMI co-workers will be leading the Ceremony.

Please continue to watch and intercede for the following needs:

  1. Looking for a residence at Phnom Penh, not just a place for Professor Arthur Jiang to settle down, but also for other co-workers who would visit there to support the project.
  2. The Rapha Language Center is CMI’s pioneer project in order to apply for International Non-Government Organization (INGO) status at Cambodia. It will be linked to the future Rapha Institute Language Department.  Registration of INGO status holds the key to whether we can legally transfer funds raised internationally to Phnom Penh.
  3. The original realtor of the Language Center walked away with the money so Missionary Marian Li has to clean-up the mess, paid the penalty and tax due. The total loss is approximately US$3000 which is minimal compare to other similar cases, but served as a reminder for us to be more careful.  Pray for reliable, trustworthy attorneys, construction contractors and the contacts with various Cambodian government departments: Foreign Affairs, Education, Public Health, Land and Tax, etc.
  4. Even though large scale fund-raising activities in various countries have not even started, fund-raising proposals in Chinese and English are close to finish. If you know of any Christian entrepreneurs or foundations, please contact your local CMI office.
  5. You are welcome to use this QR Code to learn more about our vision and mission of building the Rapha Institute at Cambodia.