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感謝神, 謝謝大家的代禱: 李秀全牧師近況報導


Dear 關心我們的弟兄姊妹:
胃鏡結果是:秀全有程度不輕的「胃酸逆流」— 在胃酸流往食道的出口處看起來鬆弛糜爛外、其他地方亦有多處被胃酸腐蝕的傷痕……這些經由胃鏡拍攝出來的片子説明了秀全常有胸口悶、燒灼感、呼吸困難的症狀,因為胃有一部分與心臟非常靠近。

秀全、靜芝 上 (06/29/14)

Dear all,

秀全、靜芝 敬上 (06/26/14)

Rev Jonathan Chiu on the road 6/12

Singapore/Cameron highlands(Malaysia)
Arrived in Singapore after over 26 hours on the road from Auckland -Brisbane-Taipei-Singapore on 6/4 in the afternoon.It’s 28 degree and raining. Had some rest for a day then started speaking at the Orchard Rd. Providence Presbyterian church’s missions conference. This church is the first Mandarin speaking church in Singapore. They now have meetings in several places and very actively involved in Missions. Thank God for not only having the privilege of sharing the burden and vision of Chinese churches for missions but also learned a lot and encouraged from them. The pastoral group, Elders and deacons form a strong team to lead and motivate the members for missions. They supported many missionaries serving locally and abroad in Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and other creative access countries. They organized many short term missions team to serve in those places and help establish churches. Thank God for the messages well received. The theme is ” from receiving Life to receiving Mission” as Paul in his testimony put it as “Lord who are you? Lord what shall I do?” (Acts 22:8,10). On Sunday morning they rented the Orchid country club for their joint meeting, 1200 gathered.
We traveled to Northern Malaysia ,the Cameron Highlands, close to Ipoh ( the city where Jeannie’s father was originally from) over night by bus on 6/ 8. We are having ” family camp” from 6/9-11 then go back to Singapore on 6/12. I appreciate very much the fellowship, worship and interaction with members. Had several meaningful conversations even while answering the question of a lady about prayer and found out that she is still a seeker for 3 years and led her to receiving Christ. Praise The Lord!
Take the opportunity of a break in the afternoon and update you about my ministry here. It’s all because of God’s grace and your partnership in prayer for us.
Lastly about Pauline and her baby Reese. They are back at home now. Jeannie talked with her and saw the baby. The baby’s head is still swollen. Please keep praying for them. Thank you!
In Christ, Jonathan Chiu

Dear All:
This week I spoke at the Providence Presbyterian Church . I am impressed with this church. They are very serious about mobilizing the whole church for missions. I check in their website to read about their history and deeply moved. Strongly recommend this church to you. Their website is:
Thank you also for praying for me . I am about to finish up and go back home. Please also keep Pauline and Reese in your prayers.
In Christ, Jonathan Chiu